Collection FW 2021-2022

Kleris Strumza Pret a Porter Couture Collection was inspired by the high-end Russian brand Faberge who designs egg-themed jewelry. An oval egg decorated with a superimposed gold pattern of rococo scrolls, chased gold motives, applied a diamond set flowers. The egg’s interior is lined with black velvet.


The collection is head to toe classic, couture-tailored elegance, and a clean silhouette. It is composed of the cocktail dresses, skirts, tops, coats and jackets, made of exquisite fabrics such as lace, silk velvet, satin, fur, and high-quality sequins. The colors are alternating between the black, green, and sublime attraction of red. The female body was celebrated and accentuated in a very special way where deep slits, transparent details, handcrafted embroideries, stones, brooches, and necklines turn the women into an icon of elegance and beauty.


This is the collection for women who have self-confidence, knows how to take risks, and can achieve any objective by making a major statement.

Kleris Strumza - Sofia Skirt

Sofia Skirt

Kleris Strumza - Luisa Jacket

Luisa Jacket

Kleris Strumza - Evangelina Dress

Evangelina Dress

Kleris Strumza - Alessandra Dress

Alessandra Dress

Kleris Strumza - Ada Dress

Ada Dress

Kleris Strumza - Angelina Dress

Angelina Dress

Kleris Strumza - Emma Dress

Emma Dress

Kleris Strumza - Sofia Skirt

Parisa Blouse

Kleris Strumza - Michaela Dress

Michaela Dress

Kleris Strumza - Gabriela Blouse

Gabriela Blouse

Kleris Strumza - Attraction

Serena Blouse

Kleris Strumza - Martha Skirt

Martha Skirt

Kleris Strumza - Martina Coat

Martina Coat

Kleris Strumza - Rafaela Coat

Rafaela Coat

Kleris Strumza - Elisa Dress

Elisa Dress

Kleris Strumza - Lisa Dress

Lisa Dress

Kleris Strumza - Dora Pants

Dora Pants

Kleris Strumza - Martha Skirt

Rita Blouse

Kleris Strumza - Bella Jacket

Bella Jacket